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Subscriber legal support requires continuous legal service company that can prevent the emergence of legal problems and minimize financial risks.

Pros subscriber legal support (legal service):


Attorney-professional lawyer, the last qualification, and passed exams. The current legislation also establishes a number of other requirements for persons having the status of a lawyer, that, in general suggests a high professional level of lawyers compared to conventional lawyers have no such status. For high-quality selection of employee-organization of legal counsel, you must have knowledge in the field of law, a layman can appreciate only about a professional and as a rule, men, and general merit. On the one hand the error in selecting the employee can cost too much, on the other side of the content of a professional lawyer in the state of the company is also expensive. In this case, it is possible to find a "middle ground".


Only the status of attorney allows the defense in criminal cases. Turning to me you will get not only the legal support of your business or your company but also the possibility of protection in the event of operational problems the criminal law (check law enforcement officers questioning, searches, etc.) that are unfortunately quite common and inseparable from economic activity.

Privacy Policy.

In contrast to the usual staff of lawyers and other persons who do not have the status of the law obliges the lawyer lawyers attorney to enforce secrecy, which ensures its protection in law. Attorney's secret is any information relating to the provision of legal aid lawyer to a client. A lawyer can not be called and questioned as a witness about the circumstances became known to him in connection with an appeal to him for legal advice or in connection with its provision.

Economy of effort.

You do not spend time on the selection and design of full-time employee. You do not need to motivate us to work. We are already motivated and ready to work round the clock (do not forget to make timely payment of fees only).

Reducing costs.

You save on taxes, social benefits, sick, vacation. And instead of gray lessen the taxable wages on the cost of legal counsel.


Accumulated experience allows to spend on the search for solutions in less time. In addition, since we are really interested in you, we are also interested in the maximum responsiveness.

Simplification of the calculations.

In the case when the need for legal services occurs regularly or, conversely, are often vague but regularity is much easier to agree on a time certain value my month than negotiate a fee for each specific order.

You always have the right to refuse counsel and the procedure is an order of magnitude easier dismissal of regular workers.