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Past experience can successfully solve a wide range of tasks. The following provides information for only a few "model" types of services. However, the following list is not exhaustive. Call us and we will work together to develop an action plan and work out the most appropriate form of cooperation, depending on your situation and your needs.

Support of litigation. Services arbitration lawyer

Litigation is the apogee of legal experience, as each action depends sometimes the result of years of work of the whole company.

Subscription legal support

Subscription legal support requires continuous legal services company that helps to prevent the emergence of legal problems and minimize financial risk.

Business failures

The bankruptcy of a legal entity is a complex and time-consuming procedure, which requires a special approach by the individuals involved. However, this is a serious tool that with some effort to achieve results, the receipt of which is otherwise impossible.



Registration. Changes in the constituent documents

The first step in building any business - registration of the company. Successful business, even as the settlement of complex legal situations are usually associated with the need for more legal entities. And while this type of activity can not be attributed to the major, we offer services for the registration of companies, businesses and organizations of all ownership

Legal support enforcement proceedings

Obtaining a judgment is not a guarantee that you get what you want (money, property, etc.). Unfortunately it is also necessary to enforce the decision. We offer services for the legal support of the enforcement proceedings

Inspection of material in court cases

You are in another city or in another country, or if you simply do not have time to read matrialami case in bankruptcy court? Not a problem, we offer a service for the dissemination of matrialmi case. At your request photocopies of all matrialov will be placed on a free file server, and you can download them from anywhere in the world.